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The Original Easy Pen

cleaning is a part of everyone’s day-to-day life. Clothes need washed, carpets need vacuumed, and shelves need to be dusted. But what people either forget or don’t realize is that many of their household mechanical devices need to be cleaned and cared for as well. Items with moving parts like power tools, appliances, musical instruments, and guns all need to be kept clean and lubricated to ensure proper functionality and to avoid damage. However, all of these devices contain small pieces that can be hard to reach and spraying aerosol lubricant all over them can create a mess. This Lubricating Easy Pen takes the hassle and mess out of cleaning and lubricating all of the mechanical gadgets around your house. Its small tip allows for precision cleaning and lubricant application to hard-to-reach areas and its compact size allows it to be carried in a pocket, glove compartment, or bag.