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Enforcer Flea Spray(One Can)

  • Size: 14 oz. Aerosol Can Spray
  • Enforcer Flea Spray For Carpets & Furniture kills fleas, flea eggs, and larvae on carpets and furniture.
  • Prevents flea infestations for up to 4 months Breaks the flea life cycle and stops flea eggs from hatching 1 can treats approximately 115 sq. ft.
  • Do not breathe vapors or spray mist. Avoid contact with skin, eyes or clothing.Thoroughly wash with soap And warm water after use. Do not contaminatefood or foodstuffs. Do not use in commercial food processing,preparation, food storage or serving areas. In the home, cover all foodprocessing surfaces And utensils during treatment or thoroughly washbefore use. Cover or remove exposed food. Remove pets, birds And coverfish aquariums before spraying.
  • Active Ingredients: Pyriproxyfen, Tetramethrin, & Phenothrin.