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ardner Bender PS-150Z Plastic Staple, ½ Inch., Secures Romex, UF & (NM) Non-Metalic Cable, Polyethylene - UV Resistant, Splinter Free, Application: 14/2, 12/2, 10/2 (NM) Non-Metalic Cable, 100 Pk., White

Save 14%
Original price $12.67
Current price $10.95
  • The product is 100PK 1/2 Pals Staple
  • Easy to use
  • The product is manufactured in China
  • UV-resistant polyethylene saddles will not rust rot or deteriorate
  • Superior quality at an affordable price
  • Smooth saddles prevent damage to insulation
  • UV-resistant polyethylene saddles will not rust, rot or deteriorate