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Malco TSHD Metal Cutting Attachment Shear

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Catalog # TSHD
Description: TurboShear Heavy Duty™
Net Weight: 3.94 (1.79)


Spiral Duct (20 Gauge): .040 (1.02)
Galv Steel (18 Gauge): .052 (1.32)
Mild Steel (16 Gauge): .060 (1.52)


• Inserts into chuck of 14.4 volt or larger A/C or cordless drill
• Clamping devise is standard with No. TSHD TurboShear
• Navigates tight patterns and square cuts
• Cuts a variety of building materials with the ability to reposition upside down for greater maneuverability
• 18 gauge capacity in galvanized steel
• Long-life, dual ball bearings
• U.S Patent No. 7,093,365B2
• U.S Patent No. D513,953