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Sengled Smart Sense Bluetooth Flood Light, Motion-activated

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Equipped with a built-in motion sensor, the Smartsense LED Floodlight from Sengled will automatically turn on when motion is detected. The bulb will stay lit for a full 90 seconds after motion is detected, and it will stay continuously lit if constant motion is detected. This all-in-one solution provides home security and energy efficiency, while being easy to install and requiring minimal maintenance. The motion sensor can detect movement within a 100° angle for wide coverage, and it has a 100,000 cycle lifespan for sustained use. The Smartsense Bulb emits a total of 1050 lumens for bright light, and it features a 3000K color temperature. With an E26 light base, the light bulb is compatible with most lamps, and it is designed and rated for outdoor applications, enabling you to use the device in a wide range of scenarios.


  • Outdoor floodlight with built-in motion sensor
  • Specifically designed and rated for outdoor use
  • Light will remain lit for 90 seconds after motion is detected
  • Light remains on if continuous motion is detected
  • One-piece motion detector
  • Easy installation
  • Combines home security and energy efficiency for a convenient outdoor safety solution