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DiversiTech 120-Volt Thermoplastic Condensate Pump

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ThinkTank™ is like nothing you've ever seen. DiversiTech® changes the condensate pump forever. It's not just a pump - it's a solution. Variable lift determines how hard it needs to pump in a given installation, then pumps only to that height. If there is a partial clog in the drain line, ThinkTank™ figures that out and pumps a little harder. If the clog doesn't clear, ThinkTank™ goes into a cleaning cycle and pulses the discharge water to dislodge the clog. The Floatless Sensor™ eliminates most of the mechanical problems associated with conventional condensate pumps.
  • The ThinkTank™ patent pending Floatless Sensor™ has no float, no movement and no problems

  • Manual tank drain

  • Rubber feet

  • Stainless steel hang tabs

  • Alarm contacts

  • Clear tank

  • Reversible deck