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Flap discs are versatile grinding and finishing tools with three main components - backing plate, adhesive, and abrasive flaps. The flaps wear during use continually exposing new abrasive grain. The different variations of the components provide a variety of applications, ranging from heavy stock removal to blending to finishing. Flap discs are designed for portable grinder applications and can combine the 2-step stock removal and finishing operations of depressed center wheels and fiber discs into one operation.

Norton® BlueFire® 20X™ Coated Abrasive Flap Disc, Arbor Thread High Performance Standard Density, Series: R884P, 7 in Disc Dia, 5/8-11 Center Hole Thread Size, P80 Grit, Coarse Grade, Zirconia Alumina Plus Abrasive, Type 29 Disc, Fiberglass Backing, 8600 rpm Maximum, Blue