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Shepherd Metal Sockets 3/8"

Shepherd Caster Sockets have sharp teeth on their heads that can be hammered into wooden objects to hold them in place. Its tail is relatively narrow and expandable, they can increase friction and resist loosening When wheels' rods are hammered into the caster sockets. It has excellent abrasion resistant, rust resistance and will be last for a long time. GREAT FOR: Providing a solid connection when a wooden piece of furniture or Wooden object needs wheels and holding standard stem fastenings in wooden furniture. Suitable for stem caster, grip ring caster, chair legs, etc
  • MATERIAL: Made of high-quality steel, solid and durable
  • SIZE: Socket measures 1-1/4 inches in height by 3/8 inches in diameter, fitting most 5/16" Diameter Wood Neck Stems
  • excellent abrasion resistant
  • rust resistant
  • Suitable for stem caster, grip ring caster, chair legs etc