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Universal Gas Grill Knob Replacement Kit

Renew your gas grill with Unicook control knobs, which are made of high-quality material, design to fit most gas grills with D-shape valve stem.

Specifications of Unicook Grill Replacement Control Knob:
Material: Chrome plated ABS plastic, silicone
Inner Diameter of Adapters: approx. 0.26”/6.5mm, 0.315”/8.0mm, 0.334” / 8.5mm
Knob Dimension: 2.25” diameter x 1.5” height
Package Includes: 2 knobs and 6 adaptors

Installation Tips:
1.Turn off gas supply.
2.Remove the broken control knobs from your grill or stove.
3.Choose the adaptor that fits your grill model.
4.Fit the chosen adaptors into the knobs.
5.Pop the control knobs into place on your grill.