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WRIGHT PRODUCTS White Adjustable Hold-Open Pneumatic

Wright Products standard-duty white pneumatic (air pressure) door closer is designed for out-swinging light-to-medium weight metal, wood, or vinyl screen and storm doors. Use alone for light and medium weight doors or in pairs for heavier full view storm doors. Wright Products has been supplying quality screen and storm door hardware for over 60 years.
  • Improve Your Door Safety - Wright Products heavy-duty pneumatic (air pressure) door closer is Designed for out-swinging medium-to-heavy weight storm, home, or security doors. Each door closer measures 12-5/8” long (un-extended) and 1-1/2” in diameter

  • Durability - This standard-duty-Use door closer has a high level of Durability that can withstand repeated opening and closing throughout the day

  • Adjustable - You can increase or decrease the closing speed and force with a screw at the end of the pneumatic tube. The closer allows the door to open a full 90 degrees before it pulls the door closed at a controlled pace

  • Ready To Install - All installation hardware is included, no additional parts need to be ordered or added. Comes with seasonal latching adjustment option to switch between a glass or screen insert

  • Clean Subtle Look - Pneumatic tube and attachments come in a high-quality finish to blend in perfectly with the door and frame